Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Kitchen Sink Farming Table of Contents

Hi all, reformatting my book for hopefully the last time, and I thought some people might like to see the table of contents and get a little taste of what's in store in the (hopefully) not-so-distant future. Spacing is a little weird, sorry.  Enjoy!

Kitchen Sink Farming
Easily and Cheaply Grow and Ferment Your Own Food for a Healthier Now and Greener Future

Table of Contents
Part One: The “Why?”
            Why Mess with a Perfectly Good Seed?
                        Increasing Nutrients
                        Enzyme Inhibitors and Digestibility
            Truly Empty Calories
                        A History of Agri-Tech
Burger and a Side of Flies: Genetically Modified Food
When Organic Isn’t (It’s Too Easy Being Green)
            Collapse: The Future of Food
                        Cuba and the Mini Peak Oil Experiment
                        Easter Island’s Last Lumberjack
Everyone But the Kitchen Sink: Modernization, McDonald’s, and Hyper-Maturation
Mind over Matter: Changing Food Habits Is Easier When You Think
Using the Brain for a Change

Transitioning to a Living Diet

Part Two: The “How”
Hit the Ground Sprouting
Sprouting in a Nutshell
Your Sprouting Toolkit
The Wide World of Sprouts
Herbs and Spices
Too Busy Not To
The Grid-Iron Chef, The Travelling Farm and Superfoods for Superpets
                        Grass and Micro-Greens
                                    Benefits of Grass Juice
Why Cleanse?
How to Grow and Enjoy Grasses
            Dirt, New and Used
                        Fertilization: Feed Your Soil, Not Your Plants
                        Water and the Big “O”: Hydrogen Peroxide
                        Grass Growing
                        Grass Seed Specifics
                                    Shoots and Leaves
                                    Micro-Lettuce and Baby Greens
Container Gardening
Choosing Crops
                        Self-Watering Containers
Simple Self-Watering Devices: “The Spike” and “The Holy Bottle”
The Self-Watering Bucket
                        The Self-Watering Garden
                                    Fertilizing in Containers
Hooked on ‘Ponics: Hydroponic and Aeroponic Gardening
                        The Plans: Hydroponics
                        Small-Scale Set-Up
                        Large Scale Set-Up
                        Growing Wall
                        Growing Barrel
            The Plans: Aeroponics - The Aero-Tote
Composting and Worm-iculture
                        DIY Tumbling Composter
            Vermiculture (Worm Farming)
                        A Brief History of Slime
DNA Sluts and Your Guts: Bacterial Genetic Promiscuity and Its Effect on Human Evolution and Happiness
                        Public Enemy #1: The War on Bugs
The Five-Minute Fermentation: Probiotic Water
Local ‘Crobes
 Veggies and Krauts
Seed Cheese and Yogurt
Simple Seed Cheese
Coconut Cream Cheese
“Advanced” Cheese Making: A 2-Day Degree
Ginger Beer
Sourdough and Naturally Yeasted Breads

Cultivated Flora


                                                On Water, Tea, and Sugar
Gimme the ‘Booch, Baby!
Benefits of Kombucha

                                    Dairy Kefirs: Milk, Cloak, and Dagger

                                    Water Kefirs / Tibicos

Fermenting Fats: Butter Ghee-fir, and Oil

Part Three: The “Now What?”: Recipes for Your Sprouts,  Krauts, and Everything Else
            Why Living Foods?
On Measuring
            The Blessing of Bad Food
Helpful Tools for Preparing These Recipes
The Recipes:
                        Drinks and Smoothies
                        Mains, Sides, Apps
                        Salads and Dressings:
                        Sandwiches, Rolls, and Wraps
                        Soups and Stews
                        Snacks and Condiments
                        Cheeses, Dips, and Spreads
                        Putting It All Together
Thought Bubbles
Essential Fatty Acids
Vinegar Friends
Why Salt?
Cooking by Freezing
Raw Fats and Unrefined Oils for Weight-Loss and Well-Being
Raw Honey
Time to Make the Coconuts
Foodology – Living Molecular Gastronomy
Index C: Alphabetical List of Recipes
Index D: Specific Health Concerns
            Appendix A: Sprouting Table
Appendix B: Plant Nutritional Deficiencies and Their Cures
Recommended Reading


  1. I so want to read this book. If you put together a mailing list please add me:

    Also, I only live an hour east of Portland and would love to attend a lecture or even host one in our neck of the woods over here in the Gorge. I so believe in what you are teaching people, it is so empowering and exciting. I have been sick for a long time and am making strides (baby steps actually) towards healing.

  2. Hi, thanks so much for your message. Best way to stay in touch is subscribing to the blog, if you like.

    I’ve broken the book up into bite-sized volumes, the first book, “Kitchen Sink Farming: Sprouting” is just waiting for one photo then will be released. I’m scurrying to finish the final edit on the other volumes – Fermenting, Growing, Raw Food Recipes, and a compilation of all of them, so all will be available soon!

    No plans to do any more speaking until the books are out, but if you’re ever in Portland check out my yoga teaching schedule at and come by for a class if you want. Thanks for the encouragement, and best wishes in your journey towards your very best self.