SOMA Evolutionary Refreshment

SOMA evolutionary refreshment® is a living blend of awakened elixirs: Green and White Kombucha,Jun, Fresh-Pressed Crystal-Kefired Juices, Cider Vinegar, and Sprouted Grain-Fermented Water

Cleansing, immunity boosting, digestive fire stoking & spirit refreshing, SOMA is vibrating with life force.

"Kombucha + Cherry Chai" w/ Kefired Cherry Juice & delicious raw Cider Vinegar.

"Coffee-Boocha®" with sprouted coffee beans slow-roasted, cold-brewed, and twice fermented for high anti-oxidant awesomeness with just a trace amount of caffeine.  Our biggest seller.

Pomegranate, Rose, Amla Kombucha + Jun” – an ancient herbal recipe for full-body health, combined with the nutritional and probiotic benefits of Kombucha and Jun.  Lighter, more floral and feminine than delicious, rich Chery Chai.

"Maharaj Cleanse" : Kombucha'ed Grade B Maple Syrup, Lemon and Cayenne, with Kefir'ed Coconut Water for a low-sugar, high-nutrient and probiotic elixir that supports cleansing, is a cleansing system on its own, or just a delicious sweet-and-spicy beverage. (Coconut water not organic.)

NEW! - “Pear-Fennel Jun” – possibly the “next” kombucha, Jun is grown with raw local wildflower honey and green and white teas.  Flavored with kefired Pear Juice and Sprouted Fennel Seeds, Jun is delicious and both grounding & subtly energizing. 

NEW! - Kombucha + Colloidal Silver” – flavored with thr. grade wild sweet orange essential oil, colloidal silver had been proven as effective than any other means to destroy pathogens and viruses, without harmful side effects.  Used for thousands of years, it’s now being studied with very positive results on its effect on immune system support against everything from the common cold to cancer.

Made in Portland and sold in several local yoga studios, cafes like Prasad and KIVA, and grocery stores like Peoples Coop.  "Made with Mantra" and 10% of profits donated, SOMA is organic, raw, living, gluten-free, and vibrating with life force.

SOMA is perfect after yoga or anytime you need a refreshing, probiotic boost.

SOMA Evolutionary Refreshment is available at Peoples Coop, Prasad in Yoga Pearl, Yoga Union, Shakti House, Mandala Yoga, OmBase Yoga, Peoples Yoga, and after most of my yoga classes. Subscribe to this blog and like us on facebook to find out where to get SOMA near you, hear about giveaways and other fun, and to learn about events and community benefits.

from kombucha fans, excited to announce that SOMA got into Whole Foods, and to celebrate we're going to change the donation policy - "we" means you and me. You might know that SOMA donates 10% of sales (not profits, which would be a LOT less). I want YOUR ideas on how to spend the money, and the "likes" on the comment are the determining votes.

Let's get it going for April - comment on this post with your thoughts on worthy charities, groups or families that need some help, or people doing good things. Like the one you like (or the "ones", just so long as everybody doesn't "like" every one!), we'll let you know how much they got, and thank you more than words for your advocacy and encouragement.

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